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New Website: Security Scoreboard

For those of us who are on a constant lookout for security tools a new website has been started, Security Scoreboard.

From the About page

Security Scoreboard was launched in 2010 for CISOs, CIOs, IT managers, and anyone with IT security challenges. It helps busy IT security professionals cut through the flood of press releases when researching a security vendor online. By providing a central resource to start researching IT security vendors, Security Scoreboard aims to provide a vital resource for anyone starting to research information security solutions for their organization.


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‘Tigger’/Syzor Trojan

Good article at darkreading.com about the ‘Tigger’/Syzor Trojan written by Tim Wilson.  In this article he points to a blog by Michael Kassner with more info on ‘Tigger’/Syzor trojan.

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